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Currently AB Engine Incorporated is sending proposals to license or buyout of the AB Engine's IP portfolio to all major Automotive Industry Companies


"High Efficiency and high power density Internal Combustion Engine"

Patents Portfolio - "For Sale"

AB Engine Incorporated has prepared an Intellectual Property (IP) package for sale to be made available to all interested parties.

AB Engine Incorporated is proposing a unique opportunity to internal combustion gasoline and diesel engine designers as well as manufacturers to possess the patented design method that allows for the most efficient internal combustion engine theoretically possible.


With patent priority as of May 29, 2007, this IP portfolio covers multiple possible patent infringements and allows for 13 more years of proprietary design in the vast market where internal combustion engines are used.   Mimicking efficiency of the theory behind the Atkinson engine method, the AB Engine method provides the same or greater fuel efficiency for gasoline and diesel based engines without the mechanical complications and loss of power density associated with the Atkinson design.  The uniquely designed and electronically controlled intake valves provide enormous variety in engine optimization options related to fuel efficiency and power output.  The IP package also protects a unique engine configuration with exhaust gases heat recovery and a single electrical or mechanical output, giving an opportunity to the engine designer to further increase an engine’s efficiency and power output. 


This is a unique opportunity for those conducting business related to engines in the automotive, marine and electric generators industries as well as numerous other areas where engines are in use.  


AB Engine is a perfect solution for the "hybrid technology" when engine generates power output as an electrical generator.


Engine advantages: Please visit a page that explains the AB Engine technology advantages here



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Since it was first developed more than a century ago, the performance of internal combustion engines (ICE) has suffered from low thermal efficiency mostly due to the low compression-expansion ratios of burnt fuels.  AB Engine Incorporated introduces an innovative method that more efficiently converts thermal energy from burned gas, gasoline and diesel fuels into mechanical energy without exceeding the constraints of conventional ICE designs (e.g., Otto and Miller)


The disclosed portfolio describes the most efficient ICE engine theoretically possible, proposing a method that will increase efficiency 20-45% over existing ICE technology.  In addition to improvements in fuel efficiency, the AB Engine method reduces noise, engine temperature and exhaust gas pressure, while increasing linear output power with respect to RPM. Moreover, the AB Engine is compatible with different fuel types and intake gas conditions, as well as the Hybrid and Turbocharged engine designs. The AB Engine improves both fuel efficiency and performance without the disadvantages of alternative designs (e.g. Otto, Miller and Atkinson) which involve complex mechanical solutions.

Priority Date: 05-29-2007


List of “IP”

The IP portfolio is a bundle of US and China patents and a European patent application related to the same invention:


1.      US patent #8,086,386

Title: "High efficiency Internal Combustion engine”

Inventor: Alexander Bakharev http://www.linkedin.com/in/abakharev

Priority: U.S. Serial No. 12/129,595 (3136.001), filed May 29, 2008, which claims priority to U.S. Prov. Appl. No. 60/940,646, filed May 29, 2007

U.S. Serial No.: 13/300,133  


2.      U.S. Continuation Patent #8,396,645 March 12, 2013


Inventor: Alexander Bakharev  http://www.linkedin.com/in/abakharev

Priority: U.S. Serial No. 12/129,595 (3136.001), filed May 29, 2008, which claims priority to U.S. Prov. Appl. No. 60/940,646, filed May 29, 2007

U.S. Serial No.: 13/300,133


3.      European Application “High efficiency Internal Combustion engine” No. 08769823.9 filed December 28, 2009 based on PCT Appl. No. PCT/US2008/065161 filed May 29, 2008

4.      Chinese Patent # ZL 2008 8 0100951.9. November 14, 2012 based on Application “High efficiency Internal Combustion engine” No. 200880100951.9 international filling date January 29, 2010 based on PCT Appl. No. PCT/US2008/065161 filed May 29, 2008


The patents and patent application are all assigned to AB Engine Incorporated.  The buyer has to send the owner (company or person) all requested information including the address where documents have to be sent and whom to transfer the patents and patent application ownership to.  The ownership transfer will be managed by the AB Engine Incorporated patent counsel.

Please contact to AB Engine Inc. representative if you have any question

at: contact@abengine.com



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