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AB Engine Incorporated introduces a New Method (AB Engine Method) to convert burning gasoline, gas or diesel fuels into mechanical energy while still within the bounds of the conventional Otto, Miller, Diesel or similar internal combustion engine (ICE) design constraints. The new method allows for an ICE design with the highest fuel efficiency theoretically possible.

AB Engine was granted by two US Patents: #8,086,386 December 27, 2011   (PDF) and  #8,396,645 March 12, 2013

    The Company has also China patents #ZL 2008 8 0100951.9 November 14,2012 and patent pending in Europe.

In February 2012, AB Engine Inc. announced that it has designed and completed a high fuel efficiency internal combustion engine (ICE) prototype in order to demonstrate the "proof of principles" behind the AB Engine Technology. Testing the novel AB Engine method and design with an 87 octane rating  gasoline yielded 44% higher fuel efficiency in comparison to a similar conventional engine design (see News & Media  for details).


   AB Engine Incorporated has started licensing activity to the engines production and utilization companies in various industries.

We are  licensing the ICE technology which increases fuel consumption efficiency as fundamentally as had been done in the Atkinson's cycle without power depletion and mechanical complexities of Atkinson's design. Our method is applicable to any ICE type, independent of its size, fuel (gasoline, diesel or gas) and including turbocharged and hybrid configurations. AB Engine power output is linear to RPM and limited only by high RPM design constraints. 

   To see AB Engine Method, please, refer to technology page and technology presentation

The AB Engine technology will also improve the efficiency of today’s most efficient vehicle design, the Hybrid design. The combination of the Hybrid design with the AB Engine technology will result in unparalleled mileage per gallon improvements. Implementing AB Engine technology in turbo-charged engines, Miller type, will deliver powerful and improved efficiency engines as well.





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